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Andrew Barns | Owner of Mischa Wines in Wellington | Morning rituals and daily habits
July 16, 2018

Andrew Barns is the Co-owner and winemaker from Mischa Wines in Wellington.

He gave us some interesting morning rituals and habits in his life as an entrepreneur.

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Below a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Question 1

Tell us more about the industry you are in?

• Mischa Estates consist out of three businesses.

• One being Mischa winery, with premier exporting wines.

• The second being Mischa nursery where they grow table grape stokkies

• Thirdly the business called NutraFarm, where they support their customers with improving the soil health with the long-term goal to reduce the inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers.

• Andrew and his brother Gary is currently the 3rd generation on the farm.

Question 2

What are your morning rituals and daily habits?

• He reminds himself regularly of the Aristotle quote ... We are what we repeatedly do, then success (excellence) is not an action but a habit.

• Wanting to be successful, assisted him to find the correct habits.

• He rises early at 4:45, and study for about an hour. Andrew is busy with a business degree.

• After that he workout for about 45 minutes.

• By the time he gets to work, his body and brain is going and ready for the day.

• Getting up early was not always easy, and it took him about a month to get into the new habits.

• Like myself, Andrew also uses the Wim Hof breathing technique and start his day with cold showers.

• When he gets to work, he journals about whatever is sitting on top of his mind, good or bad.

• He also plans his day in this time and tries to allocate specific time slots for activities.

Question 3

What do you use to settle down before you go to sleep at night?

• He practiced his brain to not think of too much before he goes to sleep.

• Before the goes to sleep, he makes himself a cocktail of fibre, calcium, magnesium and boron powder.

• Like myself, Andrew also uses GABA, which main benefits are calm, relaxation and stress reduction. GABA also assist in the recovery of lean muscle.

• They also make their own kombucha at home, which is an excellent probiotic. He takes it after dinner to assist with digestion.

• Make sure the light is low and no cell phones before bedtimes.

Question 4

Any bad habits entrepreneurs need to stop immediately?

• Social media is a nice business and social tool, but it is very shallow. Use it, but always keep in mind, all things in moderation. Anything too much is too much.

• Deep happiness cannot be found on a shallow platform.

• They have a rule as a family, no phones at the table. Eat and talk about your day, around a table.

• Being a winemaker, Andrew compared the use of social media to alcohol usage. One glass of wine a day is beneficial for you, but using too much can become a problem.

Question 5

Any books that you recommend?

• He signed up to only two newsletters.

• Barking up the wrong tree, by Eric Barker

• Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

• Best book by far was Barking up the wrong tree by Eric Barker.

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