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Creation of a Trust
October 27, 2015

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From today till close of business in December 2015 we will be running a special on the creation of a Standard Inter Vivos Trust.

Why do you need a Trust and what benefit will you receive from this?

Below are some important notes about a Trust:

1. It can be used to protect your estate (before and after death)

2. The value of assets in a Trust increase in value in the Trust and will not form part of your personal estate. Example on the above mentioned statement: If you buy company shares or a property today for R 100,000 by using your personal funding the Trust will effectively owe you the amount of R 100,000 in the form of a loan account. If the property or shares increases in value to R 400,000, the difference (the R 300,000) will no form part of your personal estate. On date of death, only R 100,000 will form part of your deceased estate. Before death, creditors will only be able to attach the R 100,000 loan account in the Trust and not the full value of the shares or property.

3. On date of death, the Trustees of the Trust can manage the property, shares, cash or other assets vested in the Trust, to the benefit of the beneficiaries of the specific Trust. You can appoint someone else to be acting as Trustee for the Trust, through your will to take over the responsibilities on date of death.

The above mentioned summary is in short some of the benefits of an Inter Vivos Trust and our opinion. We cannot be held responsible for this opinion.

Yours in tax Dryk Holdings Team

To find out more about the Creation of the Trust or to apply follow the link below.

Normal price for the Creation of a Trust is R 3,900.

From today till close of business in December 2015 you will on pay .....

R 1,950. THIS IS 50% discount!

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