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Dr Caroline Leaf | Thinking patterns for entrepreneurs
August 13, 2018

Lately, I have been focussing a lot on the topic of neuroscience and the sub-conscious mind.

One book that literally broke my brain was Switch on your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Indeed one of the more challenging books I’ve read.

I am grateful for the opportunity to interview Dr. Caroline Leaf.

Find the full interview here:

Below a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Question 1.

In a nutshell, please tell us about your 21- day brain detox program and how this program can benefit my fellow entrepreneur friends and followers.

- Dr. Leaf studied the science of thought. It is essential to understand that our mind is separate from our brain. The brain is merely a responder to the mind.

- To make something change in our life (a good habit), you need to use the power of your mind to rewire the brain. This is not a quick fix.

- You need to use the power of your mind to rewire your brain, which is not a quick fix.

- In a time of technology overload, we gather so much information and gather pieces of a puzzle, but we don’t take the time to build the puzzle. (by thinking deeply).

- If we don’t think deeply we do not activate the non – conscious stores of your mind correctly where memories are stored, then they won’t move to the subconscious and further into the conscious mind.

- To build long-term memory take 21 days with daily deliberate mind thinking and work.

- To turn a new thinking habit into the conscious mind to impact how you function will take another 42 days.

- A thought with an effective live long change will take at least 63 days.

Question 2.

What can your readers expect from the new book … Think Learn Succeed?

- Success is an individual thing. Dr. Leaf sees success as a meaningful life and full of self-care.

- The book breaks down the five steps of building memory in our brain.

- The first step is mindfulness. The next four steps take you beyond mindfulness and assist you in building memory.

- We are not designed for the negative, only for the positive

Question 3.

Based on the neuroscience and your information, any morning rituals and daily habits that you will advise entrepreneurs?

- Dr. Leaf to not do a specific morning ritual but rather a ritual that she continuous through the day.

- She continually applies the 21-day detox as a daily habit and starts her day by getting the detoxing going.

- She practices self-examination regularly every few seconds.

Question 4.

Many Christians are confused regarding the topic of medication and often see it as an eastern ritual. How can a Christian utilize meditation in our daily life?

- We must not fear meditation. It is a vital component of any individuals function.

- Think time daily to think deeply.

- From a Christian perspective … David meditated.

- Meditation is fantastic for boosting brain health and creativity.

- Do it frequently during the day for about 15 minutes, without technology

Question 5.

How can entrepreneurs utilize social media without being negatively affected?

- It’s a very disciplined approach, as social media is a very beneficial tool for business.

- We are a designed for deep intellectual thought and by misusing social media, by just continually scrolling through news feeds without, we make ourselves anxious.

- Limit social media and email time for specific time slots during the day

- Good advice – balance your reading with social media. Read in a hard copy book and try to apply your mind and think deeply about what you read.

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