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SARS special stopper related to refunds
September 29, 2016

Hope all are doing well as we are in the midst of spring. The weather in Cape Town is busy get better everyday  Unfortunately, the processes at SARS are not looking as great as the awesome weather!

During the last couple of months, we really struggle with SARS related to refunds and more specifically with special stoppers.

Our institute, SAIT, also stated their concern related to this frustrating issue currently on our hands.

In short, we are currently experiencing the following problem, to huge frustration to us and our clients.

When an income tax return is being put under verification, the taxpayer or tax consultant need to submit the supporting documentation on eFiling to be verified. After this has been done, SARS currently also request the tax payer to re-submit this information in person at a SARS branch.This also include, most of the time, to verify banking details and FICA of the taxpayer.

After this has been done the refund should be paid out. Unfortunately SARS put a special stopper on the account and need to be lifted by them. After this process we found that when you phone in to the SARS call centre, they once again request a client to visit a branch in person, to verify the banking details and FICA again.We had clients that had to revisit SARS for multiple times.

Further to the above, the verification process related to VAT refunds are also continue to be very frustrating. Some case took up to 4 -5 months to finalise and be refunded. This problem put huge strains on the cash flow of a business.

This process leads to a lot of frustration to tax payers, but are out of the hand and control of tax consultants.

Please be advised of our best efforts to ease your frustration during this period.

Yours in tax

Jasper Basson Dryk Holdings

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