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The 5 Chimps Theory
March 28, 2018

As you would know by now, I am passionate about the habits and daily rituals of entrepreneurs. I wish someone could taught me a lot of this in the start of my businesses.

But by reading and education, as well as surrounding myself with influential individuals, I learned these daily habits over time.

Do not under estimate the power of mentors and influential individuals in your life.

My goal is, especially if you are a start-up – entrepreneur, to provide you with tools and ideas for daily habits and rituals that will increase your productivity in your business. Good recap for us that has been in business for a while.

I think we all know or heard about the importance of the 5 people you spend most of you time with.

I want to share an interest thought written by Naval Ravikant, an entrepreneur from Silicon Valley.

It is the 5 chimps theory….

You can predict the mood and behaviour patterns of any chimp by the 5 chimps they hang out the most. Our tendency is the same. We tend to think and behave the way of the people surround ourselves with. Look for the best individuals in your field ... ask them today to be a mentor to you.

Further to this, an excellent idea from author James Altucher, called the 5 x 5 Rule.

We are not only the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, but we are also the average of the following:

- 5 Habits you do

- 5 Foods you eat

- 5 Ideas you have

- And last, but not least, the CONTENT we consume.

FOOD for thought 😊

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