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You have to read this! | Dryk Holdings | Jasper Basson
November 28, 2020

The Xmas Edition of the Growth Kit for Entrepreneurs is now available at merely R90 (that is only about 6 USD).

Your ROI on this, will be SO MUCH MORE!

When we invest in ourselves, our businesses expand with us.

Purchasing this eBook will put you automatically in the draw of the below price valued at R 34,700.

You may invest in as much copies that you wish. Buy now for your friends.

Every purchase will give you another chance to win this amazing "hamper" for entrepreneurs.

Proceeds of the sale of this eBook will be donated towards feeding the poorest of the poor. We are working alongside UpCycle NPC, founded by Dieter Voigt,, Mr South Africa 2007 and Heinrich Gabler, Mr South Africa 2019.

We already receive so many donations before the launch of this book.

I am truly grateful of how many people opened their hearts to this cause.

Find your copy in the link below.

Included in this purchase is all the eBooks to date (FREE!)

Listen to the latest review on this book:

Did you know we have a 3 Months - FREE monthly accounting services trial?

More in this video

Download my last FREE eBook : Business Growth Kit for Entrepreneurs (Vol 4)

Through our 3 Months FREE monthly accounting services program, we assist clients to :

- Structure and streamline their business

- Offer free consultations on some crucial questions related to entrepreneurship

- Make sure they are kept compliant with SARS and other financial institutions.

We want to start assisting you to become world-class 🏆

#EntrepreneurTips #2020Motivation New Decade, New You

Our content is full of value to entrepreneurs and our monthly accounting clients that want to create the best versions of themselves, with our main focus on these core areas:

- Accounting and Tax knowledge and assistance from our company, Dryk Holdings

- Potent tools and ideas on daily habits to create a business of purpose and a life that you adore

- Generate niche market business leads for your business, that will create new momentum in your business, through our company Lead Optimizers.

Be in contact with us instantly on WhatsApp:

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Monthly Accounting Services needs?

If you are not yet on our monthly accounting services program, contact me today for our FREE 3 – month monthly accounting services program. (And many more benefits in our GIFT Pack for entrepreneurs)

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Feel free to contact us with your accounting, income tax or company start-up needs.

We appreciate you as our client or follower on any of our social media platforms.

It's an honour to be of service to you.


Jasper Basson
Dryk Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Member of Institute of Accounting & Commerce.
Member of South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.
Practice AO 652 993.

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