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We provide the services of external accountant for various companies in South Africa and are based in Northern suburbs, Cape Town.  Through our many years of experience we assist clients with their financial services on year end.

With us every client is important,  big or small.  Because we want to assist the small client to dream big and realise that the enterprise can also grow to a big organisation.

As we do most of our client's monthly bookkeeping on Pastel accounting,  we can easily assist them on year end with their financial statements and tax returns.  Further we can, on a monthly basis, do tax planning to prevent any unnecessary surprises.

We assist our client by taking all the "hassle" out of the end of the year financial statements and tax returns.  With the a client's written authorization we collect all necessary tax certificates from financial institutions as well as documents such as medical aid and retirement annuity contribution certificates.

We will gladly assist you with your accounting needs.

Please complete the contact form here and we will contact you to assist. 

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