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We decided to write a page about the important tax dates for submission of various taxes in South Africa.

Below a short summary of the tax dates: 

Monthly on the last day of the month or the Friday before         -  VAT201 submission

Monthly on the 7th or the Friday before                                     -  EMP201 submission

Last business day of May 2017                                                  -  Employer annual reconciliation deadline

July 2017                                                                                   -  Start of tax season for individuals

Last business day of Aug 2017                                                  -  Submission and payment of provisional tax

                                                                                                     (first period for the 2018 tax year)

Last business day of Oct 2017                                                   -   Employer interim reconciliation deadline

Nov 2017                                                                                   -  Efiling tax season deadline for individuals

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