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A lot of companies struggle to successfully do a vat registration with the South African Revenue Services.  This happens when not all requirement are met and the application form and supporting documents are not correct or complete.

A few things to keep in mind even before you start this process.  

-  Each director need to be 100% compliant in his / her own name.

-  Any other entities the directors are involved need to be 100% compliant.

 - All the various tax returns and payments of the company (the applicant) need to be done.

If all the above are in order,  you would be able to proceed with the application process.

Read here about our 5 custom made business registration packages.  Most of them include a Vat registration.

For a complete application we advise that you use the following as your supporting documentation:

-  Certified copies of ID's of all Directors or Trustees.

-  Proof of address of all Directors or Trustees.  This may only be a lease agreement or latest rates & taxes bill.

-  Proof of address of the entity.  This may only be a lease agreement or latest rates & taxes bill.  If the director or trustee work from home,  the same as above can be used with an additional form to be completed.

- Latest company registration documents of a Company or Closed Corporation or the Trust deed of a Trust.

-  Proof of bank details :  ONLY the following allowed and must be in the name of the entity.

1.  ORIGINAL letter from the bank stating the banking details of the entity AND

2.  ORIGINAL stamped statement from the bank.

-  To proof turnover:

1.  Latest months invoices

2.  Last three months bank statements (These can be internet bank statements)

We will gladly assist you with this application process.

Please complete the contact form here and we will contact you to assist with your Vat registration.

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