Sars took Money from my Account


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SARS took money from my bank this legal?

We had some recent examples of SARS deducting outstanding tax monies from a taxpayer’s bank account. According to the Tax administration Act this can be done, after SARS done the necessary collection steps.This means that they would need to communicate with you through final demands etc.

SARS may appoint any third party to deduct money as a collection action.  

We frequently see the following:

1.     SARS instruct the tax payer’s bank to deduct money from available funds.

2.    SARS instruct an employer to deduct outstanding money from a salary of an employee. 

It is very important to take note of any notifications that SARS will send to you. 

If the amounts outstanding are correct, start with an application of repayment to SARS if you cannot settle the amount all at once.  Once this will be in place, SARS will not proceed with any further steps.

If the outstanding amount according to SARS is incorrect, take necessary action immediate to notify SARS of this.

Read this article about settlement arrangements with SARS.

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