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The BEE rating process for companies with a turnover more than R 10 million are a bit more complex than the BEE EME certificate,  but do not let this scare you.

The turnover of your company determine your rating process : 

Annual turnover below R 10 million                                                 - Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME)


Annual turnover between R 10 million and R 50 million                   - Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE)


Annual turnover above R 50 million                                                  - Generic Enterprises

                                                                                                        - All seven elements rated

The verification and scoring depends on the following seven elements:

- Ownership

- Management control

- Employment equity

- Skill development

- Procurement

- Enterprise development

- Socio economic development.

NB:  Please remember that as from 1 May 2015 you only need a sworn affidavit to confirm shareholding and turnover  and no longer a EME certificate,  but we still suggest that you make use of it for professional reasons.

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