How to Claim UIF?


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Before you intend to start the process of a UIF claim application, I would advise you to read the below to familiarise yourself with who may be able to claim UIF:

It is important to note that you need to pay UIF in order to be able to claim UIF benefits.

Here is a list of possibilities that will entitle you to be able to claim benefits:

  1.  Your employer retrench you
  2.  You got fired
  3.  Your contract expired
  4.  You are going on maternity leave and will not be paid for the 4 month period

Here is a list of possibilities when you will NOT to be able to claim benefits:

  1.  You resign from employment
  2.  You abscond your employment
  3.  You get dismissed due to fraudulent activities 

If you will be able to claim, below is a process of your UIF benefits claim.  You need to register your claim within 6 months of your last day of employment.

The following documents need to accompany your trip to the labour department office:

  1. Your employer need to provide you with a UIF 19 form.  This is a declaration of the period of employment, your latest salary and the reason for leaving employment.
  2. Your ID book.
  3. A UI2.8 that need to be stamped by your bank, including a bank statement.
  4. Last 3 months payslips.

Wishing all the best with your UIF claim.

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