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An entity can apply for a BEE scorecard or BEE EME certificate when its turnover is less than R 10 million.

An Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) are deemed to have a B-BBEE level 4 contributor status with a procurement recognition of 100%.

When more than 50% of the shares in a company are black owned the Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) will have a B-BBEE level 2 and a 100% black owned company will receive a B-BBEE level 1.

If an EME want to improve their rating they are allowed to be measured with the QSE scorecard. 

These BEE EME certificates can be issued by the following people:

1.  Accounting officer

2.  Registered auditor

3.  Verification agency registered with SANAS

We would need the following documentation to assist you with your BEE EME certificate:

1.  Proof of turnover.  We would need latest financial statements OR an affidavit signed by an commissioner of oaths.

2.  Most recent CIPC registration documents

3.  Identity documentation of all directors and shareholders

4.   Share certificates or an affidavit signed by an commissioner of oath.

NB:  Please remember that as from 1 May 2015 you only need a sworn affidavit to confirm shareholding and turnover  and no longer a EME certificate,  but we still suggest that you make use of it for professional reasons.

Apply here for your BEE scorecard

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