Monthly Accounting Services

We have a huge section of the practice assisting clients with monthly accounting services using Pastel. By using the Pastel Partner accounting package we process the monthly financial information to the specific requirements and needs of each client. 

Account receivable gets reconciled together with the client.We reconcile the accounts payable to the statement of each supplier. The bank statement will be either processes manually or by using the Bank manager module of pastel. By using the bank manager you can import your bank statement directly into pastel and simply allocate payments and receipts to the correct ledger account.

Because we process the financial information of our clients on a monthly basis we can almost instantly provide them with a set of management statements. The banks and other financial institutions will normally ask for your up to date management statements up to the most recent completed month. A management statement consist out of income and expense statement as well as a balance sheet.


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The following will be part of our monthly service to you:

1. Processing of financial information on Pastel

2. Management statements on a monthly basis

3. Submission of your VAT return to Sars and reminder to do the payment on time.

4.  As part of our monthly accounting service we also assist clients with their payroll by using Softline Vip. By using this system we provide professional payslips to weekly or fortnightly wages and end of the month salaries.

You will receive the following with on a monthly basis:

- Professional looking payslips

- Remuneration list ... stating what you need to pay each employee

- Completion of the Paye return to be submitted to SARS on the 7th of the following month and assistance and reminder to do the payment.

- Keep the employee information up to date at the UIF.

- Submitting the bi-annual Paye reconciliations to SARS.

Contact us for a quotation to assist you with your monthly accounting services

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