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SARS frequently need tax payers to update their banking and other FICA details with them. How to you verify or change your banking details at the South African Revenue Services or SARS ?

Below are the list of documents you need to take along to SARS to do the verification.  Keep in mind that you need to go to SARS yourself.  This can be done at your nearest SARS branch.

1.  A:  Individual - Original ID book as well as a certified copy thereof.   Ladies, also please take along your original marriage       certificate and a certified copy thereof.

     B:  Enitity - Original registration documents as well as a certified copy thereof / and point A for all directors, members or      


2.  Original of either latest rates and taxes bill OR lease agreement as well as a certified copy thereof.

     Please cannot take any other confirmation of address (like a telephone bill).

     If the property OR the lease agreement is someone else's name,  that person need to complete and sign a CRA01 form

     form for you as confirmation of the address.  You would also need a certified copy the ID book and confirmation address of    that person.                       

3.  To confirm the banking details you would need the following:

      Original stamped statement from the bank.  You can get this from the enquiry desk at your bank.

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