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The administration of a payroll can be terrifying if not having the correct system and knowledge of the subject.  By outsourcing payroll services, you will have peace of mind that employees will be paid on time and all SARS related matters will be administered correctly.  We are using a payroll system called VIP Classic and currently assisting with almost 1000 employees from various employers.

These payroll services can vary from just the administration of VIP and SARS related statutory services and / or also the actual payments to the employees.   

A brief description of our payroll services is find below:

Processing of the weekly wages or monthly payroll on VIP Classic

Professional payslips for every employee

Net remuneration list, of all payments that need to be done, will be send to the responsible person.

Payment of salaries on behalf of employer.

Administration of the normal leave, sick leave and family leave of all employees.

Monthly EMP 201 return – return of submission for PAYE, UIF and SDL to SARS

Bi-Annual IRP 5 reconciliation to be send to SARS. (EMP 501)

Working out and keeping track of the Employment tax incentives (ETI) of the company

Submission of monthly changes in employment to the Department of labour (for UIF administration)

Submission of the annual workmen’s compensation return the WCA and arrange for letter of good standing (LOG)

General question related to the Basic conditions of employment act.

For assistance or a quotation related to our payroll serices you can contact us in the contact form.

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