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We are bookkeepers in the Northern suburbs, Cape Town.  Through our many years of expertise we assist clients with their monthly accounting needs towards statutory returns to SARS. By assisting our clients on a monthly basis and remind them of all deadlines, their taxes always gets paid on time.

On a monthly basis we capture the following information on Pastel accounting :

- Client invoices (and reconciliation thereof)

- Suppliers invoices (and reconciliation thereof)

- Bank statements

- Petty cash

If a client are registered for Value added tax we also complete the return and send all relevant payment instructions to the client. After month end we are also able to provide the client with the latest management reports for own use or finance purposes.

By using VIP payroll for our client's salaries and wages we can provide them with the following services:

- Professional payslips

- Remuneration list,  with all the net salaries and wages to pay on one page.

- IRP 5 certificates on year end

On a monthly basis we submit the necessary returns to SARS and send all relevant payment instructions to the client.

We will gladly assist you with your monthly bookkeeping needs. Please complete the contact form here and we will contact you to assist. 

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