SARS Refund

In light of filing season we decided to write this article about what expenses may be claimed for your SARS refund.  In order to be able to receive a refund from SARS you had to pay tax throughout the year via the following methods:

-  PAYE or employees tax that gets deducted from your salary

-  Provisional tax if you self employed.


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If you are an employee you will be able to claim all or some of the expenses below. 

Most of them work according to formulas:

-  Medical aid contributions

-  Medical expenses not covered by the medical aid

-  Retirement annuity contributions

-  Income protector contributions

-  Donation to Public Benefit Organizations

-  Business travel against a travel allowance (Read here about an electronic vehicle logbook)

Contact us here if you need assistance with you income tax return for your SARS refund.

If you do not yet have a income tax registration number,  we will gladly assist you with this application.

Be cautious about a scam email going around about a tax refund due to you.  

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