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BEE in South Africa is a term a lot of business people talk about.  Every business in South Africa come across the need for a BEE certificate at some point.

Whether your turnover is below R 10 million or above that mark you will at some point need to focus on the BEE status of your company.

If your goal is to apply for tenders the first thing that you would need would be a BEE certificate and a Tax clearance certificate.

When you company's turnover is less than R 10 million it qualifies for a BEE EME certificate with three ratings.  A level 1,2 and 4.  You can read all about the level of BEE EME certificates here.

When the turnover of a company is more than 5 million it will undergo an audit or better known as a verification process.  This certificate is called a QSE or Qualifying Small enterprise and are rated a various elements.

If your annual turnover is less than R 10 million and you need a BEE EME certificate - apply here

If your annual turnover is less more than R 10 million and you need a BEE certificate - apply here

NB:  Please remember that as from 1 May 2015 you only need a sworn affidavit to confirm shareholding and turnover  and no longer a EME certificate,  but we still suggest that you make use of it for professional reasons.

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