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A PAYE registration (also known as employees tax) need to be done as soon as you,  as employer,  employee people to work for you.  On this monthly return submitted to SARS you will need to pay to SARS the UIF and PAYE deducted from your employees. 

For a complete application we advise that you use the following as your supporting documentation:

-  Certified copies of ID's of all Directors or Trustees.

-  Proof of address of all Directors or Trustees.  This may only be a lease agreement or latest rates & taxes bill.

-  Proof of address of the entity.  This may only be a lease agreement or latest rates & taxes bill.  If the director or trustee work from home,  the same as above can be used with an additional form to be completed.

- Latest company registration documents of a Company or Closed Corporation or the Trust deed of a Trust.

-  Proof of bank details :  ONLY the following allowed and must be in the name of the entity.

1.  ORIGINAL letter from the bank stating the banking details of the entity AND

2.  ORIGINAL stamped statement from the bank.

We will gladly assist you with this application process.

Please complete the contact form here and we will contact you to assist with your PAYE registration. 

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