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In this article we would like to provide you with a quick BEE verification overview.  I think everybody are aware of BEE and the need to be BEE compliant,  but not a lot of people really know how the whole process work.  To be BEE compliant is crucial for most businesses in South Africa.  A lot of businesses could very easy be BEE compliant.   When your annual turnover is less than R 10 million you automatically qualify for a BEE EME certificate.  

If your annual turnover is less than R 10 million and you need a BEE EME certificate - apply here 

To apply for a Qualifying Small Enterprise (annual turnover between R 10 million and R 50 million) or Generic Enterprises (annual turnover above R 50 million) a company need to undergo a verification process and are rated at seven elements.  You can read more here about the BEE rating process and elements...

When you need to apply for one the above certificates you need to apply at a SANAS accredited BEE verification agency.  The company will go through an audit to determine the BEE status according to the BEE codes of good practiceA good BEE scorecard will assist your business a lot especially if the company regularly apply for tenders or other big contracts. If your annual turnover is less more than R 10 million and you need a BEE certificate - apply here

NB:  Please remember that as from 1 May 2015 you only need a sworn affidavit to confirm shareholding and turnover  and no longer a EME certificate,  but we still suggest that you make use of it for professional reasons.


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