SARS Registrations

When you start a new business there are some SARS registrations to consider.  Not everything might be applicable to your start-up business,  but we will explain some of the various tax below.

Income Tax:

Every entity need to register for income tax and provisional tax.  Individual do have a few exemptions.

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PAYE or Employees Tax Registration:

A business need to register for PAYE or employees tax as soon as its employees earn more than the tax threshold for the specific financial year.  Directors that draw a monthly income also need to pay monthly employees tax.  Further you need to submit all UIF contributions on the same monthly statutory return.

Read more about PAYE registration requirements - click here 

SDL Registration:

A business need to register for SDL (Skills Development Levy) when its gross remuneration exceeds R 500,000 per annum.  

VAT Registration :

An entity need to register for value added tax when its turnover exceeds R 1 million per annum.  You can voluntary register when the business turnover is R 50,000 or more per annum.

Read more about VAT registration requirements - click here

We will gladly assist you with this application processes.  

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