Deliberate Gratitude


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I want to start this article by a quote from John Aberle – “We get what we celebrate”.

By practising deliberate gratitude as part of your daily habits, and more importantly early morning, you force yourself to be grateful for what you already have and not feel entitled to more. Society and social media sell us this idea that we constantly must need new things and are entitled to it.

In saying this I do not suggest one to not to strive for bigger and better and more successful, but one cannot have gratitude for this, if you do not show it in all the smaller aspects of your life.Thus, install a habit that encourage you to be grateful for the things you already have.

Through practising deliberate gratitude as part of your early morning ritual, you start your day on a positive note. I found that practising this every morning, override any other “negative” things that may happen during the day, because I will reflect on my gratitude written down in my journal.

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More importantly, this practise trains your subconscious mind to always seek the positive in every situation.  Its default will stem positive.   The same wind blows over us all, its how you stem your conscious mind that make the biggest difference regarding your happiness. 

The effect of practising deliberate gratitude is that it raises your serotonin levels, which stems you positive and grateful, and ready for your day as entrepreneur. As entrepreneur you want to be ready for each challenge of the day, because each of these challenges can create the break through idea to be world class in your industry.  Happy people get things done. Happy people are more creative.

On this note and to keep my serotonin levels raised, I keep away from the news and playing around on social media for the sake of it.  Social media can be a great aid for brand building but do not let it keep you out of your positive habits and learning. 

Great idea to ponder on from Navel Ravikant:  If you eat, invest and think according to what the news advocates, you will end up nutritionally, financially and emotionally bankrupt.

In summary a few ideas that I do as for practising of gratitude:

  • Every morning when I wake at 4:30 am, I write down a few ideas what I am thankful for. It can me something as simple as my morning coffee that I savour. I am thankful for things I experienced or done with my family members.  It can possible be a successful endeavour in my business. But the idea is to be thankful for the big as well as the small.
  • Awesome jar. It’s an idea I got from a recent book I read … Tools of Titan of Tim Ferriss.  It's a little jar with daily or weekly thankful or gratitude notes from the whole family to keep for good memories of things or stuff done.

Hope these ideas was helpful to you.

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