Do I need to file a tax return?


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The SARS efiling season for 2018 commenced on 1 July 2018.

We received various clients requesting whether they need to submit an income tax return.

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Below a few pointers to assist you with this question.


  • Your total gross salary is less than R 350,000, from ONE employer.  The moment you receive a salary/income from more than one employer, you need to submit an income tax return.


  • If you receive a travel allowance, you must submit an income tax return.

  • If you receive any rental income, business-related income, interest above the threshold or capital gains for the period, you need to submit an income tax return.

  • Please note, that even though you don’t need to submit an income tax return, you may still submit one to claim deductions in the form of medical expenses and a  retirement annuity.

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