Lessons from cattle herding at Karoo Ranching


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During our recent visit at Karoo Ranching near Graaff Reinet, I found some valuable reminders as an entrepreneur taken from our cattle herding experience.

Cattle herding is a process where you, on horseback, herd cattle from one section of a farm to another. 


See the video of our road trip here:

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1.Rise early at 4 am:


By waking up early, you win the day. 

Early mornings set-up beautiful days.

At the morning of the cattle herding, we woke up at 4 am, to make sure we get breakfast and saddle up our horses.  We had to beat the sun that was expected to be burning hot.

By about 10:00 we were done with the cattle herding duties and ready for more activities.



2. Having a title does not make you important:


Cattle or horses do not care about your title. You merely need to lead by example. 

Be a firm leader with your horse but treat him with respect.   

Cattle will not react well to bombastic leadership. You will merely scatter them all over the place.   If you manage them with subtle, yet firm leadership, you will make sure all of the cattle keep going in the same direction.

To lead is to serve.  Be gentle but firm.



 3. Always be conscious of your vibration of energy.


By being conscious of our thinking and talking habits, we can control our energy vibrations.  

When my vibrations of energy would be aggressive and bossy, both these animals will not react as I would want them to.

By consciously send out calming signals my horse and later the cattle, we could achieve so much more successfully and in harmony with each other.

As an entrepreneur, I can manage my vibrations of energy.  By applying consistent daily habits and routines, I can consciously vibrate my energy into specific successes.

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