Robin Sharma Techniques for Better Productivity


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In recent years I’ve done two courses by a big mentor in my life, Robin Sharma. In this article I want to, in short, give you some of the best ideas for better productive, as per the techniques and principles taught by Robin Sharma.  Trust this will be as helpful to you, as it is for me.

I will only list a few of the items below, but do encourage you to study this further in more depth.

Some key ideas to boost your productivity:

  • Create a distraction free environment to work in. Switch off any electronic devices that can bother distract you from focussing on important work.
  • Focus on your vital few.  You cannot be all things to all people. A person who chases two rabbits catches neither.
  • Plan your productivity. Waking up at every morning at 5am and plan your day. Every Sunday plan your week. I see so many people running around without diaries, forgetting appointments and taking the day is it happen. This way the day runs you, and you don’t run a planned day.
  • Work in intervals according the 60 – 10 rule. Working for 60 minutes (and setting an alarm) and recover for 10 minutes.  In the 60 minutes keep distractions away.  In the 10 minutes, read a book, walk in the garden at the office or make yourself some green tea to refresh.
  • 90/90/1 rule.  Focussing the first 90 minutes of your work day on your single most important task or project.
  • Second wind workout. After a productive day at work, do at least a short nature walk or light exercise. It will help you switch off from work, to enjoy fun with your family.
  • Spend time in nature to reflect and assist and allow your brain to be creative.

Some key ideas above.  Do read up more about this if you need to boost your productivity for you business.

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