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Today's article is all about how and why to start your day early.  5 - 6 am, for a lot of entrepreneurs are the hour they use to setup the rest of their day.  From personal experience I know that my day runs so much better when I did my 5am morning routine. 

In fact, I started waking up at 4:30am every morning, because my mind and body feels the benefit of doing this.

Apart from anything you gain a gigantic advantage to your competition and 95% of the population.

1. How to wake up this early?

According to research we need 66 days to install a new habit.  Initially you feel the discomfort of waking up so early,  but once this new habit is formed,  I promise you (you will only believe me then), that you will reap all the benefits of this "holy hour" as some like to call it.

A few ideas and things that seemed to work for me to wake up this early:

  • I want to suggest to you to put your alarm clock or cell phone at the other of your room, to force yourself to stand up from bed.  If you put the alarm clock next to your bed,  you will most certainly keep snoozing it.  I know I do.
  • Put your clothes ready.  You do not need this excuse to jump back into bed. Mine is stacked next to my alarm clock.
  • Make yourself some coffee. The caffeine will wake you up. I recently bought myself a coffee brew machine with a timer in. The coffee starts at 4:30am, the same time I am waking up. The smell of the coffee is enough to chase me out of bed :)
  • Do some light exercise to get your brain chemicals working. Among a few other…. It releases Endorphins and BDNF (Brain derived neurotrophic factor which repairs damaged brain cells and assist you to concentrate better and learn more quickly. Exercise  also release Dopamine which make you feel better and inspirational.  It reduces the fear hormone Cortisol.
  • I try to stay fit, because if you are fit you will need less sleep.
  • Do not eat after 8PM in evening
  • Get to to bed at about 10PM without social media fees or television before bed time.

2. I wake up, what now?

The whole idea of waking up earlier than most of the population, is to have a serious advantage.

Mainly you want to think and care for yourself, in a busy world that do not tend to allow it.

I use my hour to do the following. I will elaborate on the various ideas in later articles.

  • Fitness
  • Early morning reading for the benefit of education & self-development
  • Morning meditation and prayer
  • Practising deliberate gratitude
  • Goal setting
  • Journaling

I hope this article will serve you well, and within 66 days be a new you.

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